What would happen if Google added a MS Project clone to its apps suite and added agile methods to its linear Gantt focus? I think it would look a lot like Hansoft, a PM package from a Swedish software company of the same name.

I read about it in a press release announcing the Id software had decided to use it for Game PM. Crytek, Ubisoft and Bioware are also listed as current clients. My initial assumption was that it must be super expensive if the big guys are using it.

I was delighted to find that Hansoft has a fully-featured free download version of their product to allow a deep evaluation. Subscriptions are similar to Basecamp’s. The free version is limited to 2 user accounts, but you can add a free QA account (they are free to add to a paid subscription too) and press the admin role into service if you want to see how a project works. 4 fully-worked project examples are included in the install.

Because the data is hosted, everyone sees updates, and views and access can be tailored to roles. Users can switch between agile, lean and kanban views of a projects.

I was able to grok the essentials of creating a project in a couple of hours, and now I am wondering when I will get to actually use it on a project and try out the reporting.