nodeJs + npmLogo + bower + yo + gruntLogo =polymerLogo

  1. Download and install NodeJs
  2. Make sure nodeJs is on the system PATH.
  3. Open a command window and enter node -v
  4. Install Node Package Manager (NPM): Enter npm install npm -g
  5. npm install -g grunt-cli
  6. npm install -g bower
  7. npm install -g yo
  8. npm install -g generator-polymer
  9. Create a project directory and navigate inside it from command: mkdir my-new-project cd $_
  10. To build a polymer skeleton project: yo polymer

More on yo polymer scaffolding generator


Scaffolded Polymer Project Directory after yo polymer



dist directory contains Polymer site root after grunt build

Run server:

grunt serve


HTML outputs to default browser automatically on port 9000

Test (Local):

grunt test


HTML outputs to default browser automatically